Show Hope : How To Adopt

Adoption tools for building bridges of hope by linking willing families with wanting children

Planning Your Adoption

If this is your first adoption, there is much to learn, much to think about, decisions to make, and plans to layout. The rest of this guide is intended to introduce, instruct, guide, and provide resources to you as you go through the adoption process. You will need to educate yourself, conduct a personal assessment, consider funding options, decide on the type of adoption and age of the child, choose an agency or attorney, complete a Home Study, engage in the placement process, receive your child, finalize the adoption, and parent your child. Don't panic. It may seem overwhelming, but this section will guide you through every step of the way.

Show Hope Guide to the Adoption Process

If you spend twenty minutes or so "googling" on the word adoption or "adoption process," you will find that the problem is not a lack of information about adoption. Actually, the problem is that there is so much information on adoption that it becomes really difficult to find your way through it. That is where this guide comes in. The Show Hope Guide actually is more like an index with commentary to help you understand which issues are really important, and how to find the best resources for the step you are on, or the issue you are facing. As you read, you will become equipped to handle the decisions you face. You will find detailed guidance to help you plan your way. You will find out about common pitfalls, and how to avoid them.

At Show Hope, because we view faith and God's call as an integral part of the journey of orphan care and adoption, we have developed a simple message of H.O.P.E. to guide you on your way to "Building Bridges of Hope" for children and families. To view this guide, visit Show Hope.

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