Show Hope : How To Adopt

Adoption tools for building bridges of hope by linking willing families with wanting children

Complete a Home Study

Every U.S. state requires that all prospective adoptive parents complete a home study irrespective of the type of adoption they are pursuing. There are three general purposes of the home study:

  • To educate and prepare the prospective adoptive parents.
  • To evaluate the fitness of the adoptive family.
  • To gather enough information to help the family determine a proper match with a child whose needs they can meet.

Although home studies vary from state to state in components, cost, and time to complete, there are a number of common elements: training, interviews and home visits by the social worker, health and income statements, background checks, personal autobiographical statement, and references. It is important to remember that the home study is not designed to find perfect parents but appropriate homes for children. The beginner's guides have helpful and extensive information on the home study process.

"I almost could have missed this miracle of adoption." Steven Curtis Chapman
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