The Basics

Are you ready to begin your adoption journey? Adoption can be an exciting, stressful, and overall emotional journey. In order to best prepare for this journey, the first step is:

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However, before you go any further, it is critical to make sure you fully understand whether or not adoption is right for you. If you haven’t already, take the time to review these important:

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In addition, often the best results come from those who enter into the journey of adoption well equipped and well educated. So we strongly encourage you to:

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Types of Adoption

Once you have decided to adopt, one of the first aspects to determine in making your decision is which type of adoption program you feel called to pursue. The two main categories are “international” or “domestic,” but even within these broad categories, there are many divergent paths depending upon the specific type of program you enter. Additional variables can include sibling adoptions, adopting out of birth order if you already have children in your home, special needs adoption, open or closed domestic adoption, adoption from foster care, or working through an attorney for a private placement.

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Find an Agency

Choosing which type of agency you want to work with or even if you want to work with an agency at all can be a difficult decision. One of the most helpful ways to start is often to simply ask those you know who have adopted to recommend agencies that they have had a good experience with or know to be reputable.  Then contact those agencies for more specific information about the programs they offer.

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Role of Show Hope

Through offering financial aid grants, Show Hope bridges the financial gap between waiting orphans and forever families. Additionally, Show Hope  walks alongside adoptive families by offering pre- and post-adoption resources to help equip them with the necessary training and support they need to help their child succeed.

If adoption is not for you, Show Hope offers many other ways for individuals and groups to get involved in the movement to care for orphans or still be a part of the miracle of adoption through sponsorship, advocacy, short-term trips and high school and college student initiatives. Most importantly, anyone can make an impact on the lives of the world’s orphans by committing to pray for the millions who remain waiting children around the world.

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