Adoption Resources

There are an ever-increasing number of resources out there for families who have adopted or are in the process of adopting. Empowered to Connect is a good starting point in this area. ETC offers a wide range of resources in multiple mediums, including books, articles, conferences and videos. This resource aims to help parents understand the fundamental approaches that will foster the connection process with their child, enabling their child to become all that God intended them to be through healthy attachment and relationships.

Focus on the Family’s Adoption and Orphan Care initiative offers some very helpful pre- and post-adoption resources.

Not every child will face the same level of challenges, but having the knowledge and tools in place to anticipate your child’s potential needs will be key in helping your child find healing and connection successfully.

As you walk along this pre- and post-adoption journey, make sure to engage those you trust in both the joys and challenges you encounter. The support and understanding of friends and/or family are important factors as you walk this journey with your child.

Many churches offer groups specifically centered on families built through adoption. These can be great resources for connecting with others who may have insight and guidance as well as offering your child a place to connect to other children who might have similar histories.

Seek advice from counselors and therapists who are trained in attachment strategies to help you in this journey.

Even after your child comes home, go back to the resources that initially helped you prepare. Dive deeper into these resources as you seek answers to new questions that may have arisen since your child’s arrival home. Re-visit the Empowered to Connect information. Look for adoption groups that may meet in your area or conferences that may offer valuable resources and insight. Re-read “The Connected Child” by Dr. Karyn Purvis and make use of video resources she has produced. Working through the ETC Study Guide would likely also give additional insight at this point.