Questions to Ask Yourself

Not everyone is called to adopt. In considering whether adoption is a good choice for you, think about important aspects of your life that will be impacted by this decision (both the benefits and the challenges). The following questions might be a help as you think about the impact of bringing a child into your family through adoption. Enter into a time of thoughtful reflection and begin your journey wisely.

What is the need?
It is estimated that there are more than 15 million children who have been orphaned. Right here in the U.S., more than 107,000 children are waiting in the foster care system to be adopted… Read More

Are you acting on impulse? What are your expectations?
Think about WHY you want to adopt. What reasons will you give others when they ask? What reasons will you give your child? Make sure that you are getting involved for the right reasons and that you have realistic expectations of adoption as well as your future child. Understanding why you are adopting will allow you to more effectively meet the needs of your child… Read More

How will this impact my immediate family and marriage?
Just like the choice of adding to your family by birth, adoption is a life-changing decision for every member of your family. Think about the impact that adding another child to your family through adoption could have on the people and relationships in your household. With every new family member added, relationships inside your family will naturally change and shift in order to accommodate another person. Are you willing to make the sacrifices necessary for your family to accommodate the needs of another child? Read More

Am I eligible to adopt?
Each program and country has its own list of minimum qualifications for adoptive families. Be sure to research the individual programs and countries that interest you for a specific list of their eligibility requirements… Read More

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