What are barriers to adoption?

Like any endeavor that is worthwhile, you will likely encounter many barriers on your adoption journey.

It is generally true that a large financial component is present in the adoption process. Grants and other forms of funding are available, but determining how to finance your adoption is something to consider as you move forward with the process.

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Another obstacle in the adoption journey is the duration of the process. Wait times can often be unpredictable. Although there are many international programs that have a strong history of dependability, there are countless variables that can impact the wait time for an adoption.

A birthmother may choose to parent at the last minute. A country may close its doors or change their requirements while your adoption is in process but not completed. Funding for fees may not be available when needed. You may have to change adoption agencies or renew your home study if you move to another state while in process. Although there are uncertainties, if you are able and willing to press into the process, the effort is well worth the journey to your child.

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