What is the Need?

A. Globally

  1. Total estimated number of orphans who have lost one or both parents: 140 million
  2. Estimated number of “double orphans”: 15 million (having lost both parents)

B. In the U.S.

  1. Children currently in foster care: 420,000
  2. Number of children waiting in foster care to be adopted: 100,000
  3. Average length of stay in continuous foster care: 20 months
  4. Average age of a child in the foster system: 8.6 years old
  5. Children adopted from foster care in the US in 2015: 52,931

C. Inter-Country Adoption

  1. In the years’ span from 1999—2011, a total,of 233,934 children from around the world were welcomed into families in the U.S. through inter-country adoption. Of that number, 141,321 were female and 83,291 were male (3 unreported).
  2. More children come home through inter-country adoption from China than any other nation.
  3. Inter-Country adoption has decreased 59 percent from its high in 2004.

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