The Fergen Family

Our journey to adoption began before we were married. God had laid the desire to adopt on my heart – even before having biological children. This is something that my husband, Danny, and I talked about during our dating, engagement, and the beginning of our marriage.  A few months after being married, Danny led worship at a conference and it was there that God spoke […] Read More

The Grooms Family

My husband, Jonathan, and I have always had a heart for adoption. Jonathan’s mother and sister were adopted and I had many foster siblings growing up. We knew we wanted to grow our family through adoption. After our first son was born, we began the process of adopting from Ethiopia.

After being in the process for […] Read More

The Granger Family

As he often does, God placed adoption on each of our hearts before Jordan and I ever met. We married in 2008, began to pray that God would bless us with children, and two years later we celebrated the birth of our first daughter. Shortly after this, we began to ask God to give us wisdom […] Read More

The Floch Family

Just over two years ago, my husband and I both realized that God was placing one specific ten-year-old girl deep within our hearts. As we stepped forward in faith to begin the adoption process, we faced several roadblocks. There were times when we struggled to trust God, yet we have seen his guiding hand so […] Read More

The Garrard Family

Adoption. What a journey it has been!

By the power of God and his desire to move mountains on behalf of orphans, we are now a family of seven. My husband, Brent, is a pastor by profession and calling. It was only a matter of time, after preaching the gospel week after week, that we would […] Read More

The Willet Family

After spending a year of service in Haiti after the earthquake, we knew the Lord was calling us to start a family. We had been married for more than three years and were told the only way we could have children was through medical intervention, so we decided to move forward with the adoption process. […] Read More

The Prater Family

Throughout our adoption journey, we were reminded time and time again to be patient and to trust in the Lord. The financial aspect of the process was one of the hardest obstacles we faced. Despite our anxieties and fears, we moved ahead, trusting that God would provide. And he did! At each step of the process, we had just […] Read More

The Mathew Family

Adoption is a miracle. Truly. That God would choose us, love us, and pursue us is beyond comprehension to me. And then, that he would then allow us be a part of the miracle of adoption is such a testament to his love and supernatural power. It is through this same power that the Lord led our family to adopt. We brought home our […] Read More

The Solecki Family

My heart for adoption began as a teenager when I traveled to Romania to volunteer at an orphanage. My experience with those children left a lasting impression on my heart. Years later, after having three biological children, my husband and I felt that God had prepared both of our hearts for adoption. We didn’t have […] Read More


It is wonderful to be a part of God’s work with orphans, and to further your efforts we at Show Hope are thrilled to present! When we began the process of adopting Shaohannah a number of years ago, we were overwhelmed and truly didn’t know “how to adopt.”

Needless to say, it was foreign to […] Read More