"Despite a number of unexpected delays, the God of all grace added to our family in his perfect timing."
Brent and Karla Garrard, adopted two children from South Africa

The Garrard Family

Adoption. What a journey it has been!

By the power of God and his desire to move mountains on behalf of orphans, we are now a family of seven. My husband, Brent, is a pastor by profession and calling. It was only a matter of time, after preaching the gospel week after week, that we would have to answer the question, “What are we going to do about God’s call to care for the widow and orphan?” My heart awakened to adoption about six months before Brent’s did. I attended a Steven Curtis Chapman concert right before our church started an orphan care ministry. It was clear that God was leading our family to adopt.

Our three biological children were completely on board and kept adoption ever before us in conversation and in daily prayer time. We read books, organized fundraisers, and began to plan. Little by little, our hearts expanded to places we never thought possible. In the waiting period, patience and impatience battled each other while excitement and trepidation dwelled together in tension.

Our family and friends prayed with us, stood next to us in faith, and cheered us on as we readied ourselves to bring two precious children into our family. Despite a number of unexpected delays, the God of all grace added to our family in his perfect timing. We spent almost six weeks in South Africa before we were able to come home.

Our time in South Africa was full of so many different emotions. We witnessed the Gospel right before our eyes and will never be the same. Our party of seven feels like it’s always been this way. Are there challenges? Absolutely! Is there more love in our family than ever before? Without a doubt. Thank you so much, Show Hope sponsors and donors, for making this miracle of adoption possible for our family!

– Brent and Karla Garrard