"We have learned what it means to step out in faith. We have seen God’s beautiful provision."
Melissa and Mike, adopted Bridget from Uganda

The Solecki Family

My heart for adoption began as a teenager when I traveled to Romania to volunteer at an orphanage. My experience with those children left a lasting impression on my heart. Years later, after having three biological children, my husband and I felt that God had prepared both of our hearts for adoption. We didn’t have the funds, but we felt certain that God would provide.

We stepped out in faith and were matched with a beautiful girl from Uganda. It was quite the process to bring Bridget home – like I said, we didn’t have the money to fund an entire adoption! But God knew our situation and he showed himself so faithful. There were times when I thought we would never get Bridget home, because we simply did not have the funds to do it, and after every single meltdown, the very next day there would be a check in the mail for her adoption! EVERY SINGLE TIME! It might have been $10 or $1,000, but God would show up and remind us that he was in control.

The day we received the grant from Show Hope was one of those days. After receiving several grant rejections over the course of a few weeks, our social worker called to inform us of her resignation. I was feeling very discouraged. I had a strong sense that we would have the money by referral time, but the news of our social worker brought new worries into my heart. I went for a walk to clear my head and when I stopped to get the mail, there it was: the envelope from Show Hope! I was sure it was a rejection letter and I allowed my heart to sink a little, but when I opened it and saw that we had received a grant, I started bawling. The grant was enough to pay for ALL of our adoption fees! Four days later, we received Bridget’s referral. God is so good!

We had to wait seven months before we could bring Bridget home. Through this process, God taught us about our own adoption and the lengths Christ went to adopt each of us. We have learned what it means to step out in faith. We have seen God’s beautiful provision. We met our son while visiting our daughter’s orphanage and are currently in the process of adopting him! Adoption isn’t easy and it has been such a different journey than we originally anticipated, but we wouldn’t change the road we are on. Our Father is walking with us every step of the way.

– Mike and Melissa Solecki