"He gave us the gift of a beautiful daughter on the very same date we lost our sons. Only God could orchestrate such a gift to bless us!"
Clay and Jewel, adopted a ten-year-old girl from China

The Floch Family

Just over two years ago, my husband and I both realized that God was placing one specific ten-year-old girl deep within our hearts. As we stepped forward in faith to begin the adoption process, we faced several roadblocks. There were times when we struggled to trust God, yet we have seen his guiding hand so clearly in our lives throughout the last several years.

In 2001, we lost our two sons when they passed away in an accident on the ocean. While we would change this tragedy in a heartbeat, we have seen God so clearly at work in our lives as a result and have chosen to trust him through the deep sadness. After visiting China in 2008, we decided to move there the following year to care for children in foster care. Both being in our mid-50s, we were not expecting to ever adopt, but rather to provide care and love for children in foster care for as long as we were there. However, God’s plans are greater than our own. His ways are higher than our ways. It was there that we met our daughter Elizabeth.

In the process of adopting our sweet daughter, we struggled with patience. The many delays and challenges that often accompany international adoption were discouraging and disappointing, but it was so worthwhile. The day we were matched and heard the sweet words, “Elizabeth will be your daughter” was August 28, 2012 – eleven years to the date of when our boys passed away. This was the most momentous part of our adoption: God’s redeeming power over the worst day of our lives. He gave us the gift of a beautiful daughter on that very same date we lost our sons. Only God could orchestrate such a gift to bless us!

Since Elizabeth’s arrival home, we have been on the most joyous journey. There are not adequate words to describe the joys and blessings she brings to our hearts. As we work to see things through the eyes of a young girl who had no one to help her learn to process life in her early years, we realize that her learning experience is much different than that of our two sons. She is learning new things and we are thankful to be the ones to help her navigate life’s joys and challenges. These blessings have been made possible thanks in large part to our grant from Show Hope! Thank you for your part in making this journey of HOPE possible!

– Clay and Jewel Floch