"Our son, Elijah, was born on the other side of the world, in Ethiopia!"
The Grangers, adopted a little boy from Ethiopia

The Granger Family

As he often does, God placed adoption on each of our hearts before Jordan and I ever met. We married in 2008, began to pray that God would bless us with children, and two years later we celebrated the birth of our first daughter. Shortly after this, we began to ask God to give us wisdom to know when we should move forward with our hopes to adopt. We knew the process could take two or three years to complete, and we soon felt confident that God was gently urging us to begin. What we didn’t know was that our son Elijah would soon be born on the other side of the world, in Ethiopia!

We chose to adopt from Ethiopia in large part because of our own personal connection to the country and its people. Jordan’s brother had worked with an orphanage there for a few years and married an Ethiopian woman. We too had grown to love the country and its people and saw the great needs facing orphans there. With a few thousand dollars saved from a grandparent’s gift, we began the adoption process, waiting to see how the Lord would continue to provide.

After months of extensive paperwork, we were at long last officially waiting for the referral for our son. During these months we also celebrated another milestone, the birth of our second daughter. The busyness of raising two little girls helped us handle the wait, but that changed the moment we got the call and saw Elijah’s little face for the first time. That’s when the emotional roller-coaster began, and we found ourselves desperate for the Lord’s strength during those tearful and difficult days of waiting. In July 2013, we were able to make the first of two mandatory adoption trips to Ethiopia, returning to the U.S. to wait four agonizing months before being allowed to travel again to finalize the adoption. Finally, on November 23, 2013, just one year ago, we were able to welcome our son Elijah home at last.

When we received news of our grant from Show Hope, we were so extremely grateful. The grant met all remaining needs for Elijah to come home! To all the Show Hope donors and sponsors who make these grants possible, we want to say thank you! Your generosity is a vivid testimony of God’s love to all who can see the blessings that flow from your giving. Thank you.

The Grangers